Find Your Ideal Curtain Length: A Practical Guide for Living Rooms

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If you recently bought a new home or are trying to remodel your old one, chances are that you’ve gotten to your living room, and can’t decide what curtains to get. Now, before you jump the gun and try to get whichever one looks the prettiest, hold your horses because this isn’t an easy decision to make.

Picking out the ideal curtains along with their length, is an integral part of your living room decor. Even though they’re such a small part of your room, they can still have a huge impact on how your living space ends up looking to anybody who might be coming inside your home for the first time.

Measure your windows:

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to measure your window’s width and length to the floor. This is so that you can decide whether you want to go for a curtain-to-floor look or a tailored appearance. Honestly, whichever look you end up going for, one thing to remember is everything must be measured beforehand.

Missing out on this step could end up messing up your whole look. That’s because curtains that sag on the floor or look too short give off a vibe that says you don’t care enough about your home to make it look good. The last thing you want is to make a guest feel like you’re too lazy to clean your home!

Consider curtain styles:

Now is the time to put your thinking hat on, and decide which style of curtain you want to go for. If you’re aiming for a more modern and sleek look, then living room curtains that just touch the floor, or have a slight break would go perfectly with the rest of your decor. It’ll help you come off as sleek and organized.

If you’re someone who likes to have a cozy and traditional vibe in their house, then the living room curtain length that you want to aim for is going to be one that slightly spools on the floor. This gives it a more rustic feel and just makes everything look a tiny bit more grand. Who doesn’t love a little luxury now and then?  

Factor in the curtain header:

You might not think that the curtain header plays much of a role in styling your curtain the way you might want it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, the curtain header is the part that the curtain rod goes through, hence allowing you to hang up your curtains in the first place. There are three main types of curtain headers.

You’ve got your standard grommet, the rod pocket, and the pinch pleat. Each of these styles affects how your final living room curtain ends up turning out in terms of length. Therefore, you’re going to want to be super picky when deciding on a curtain header. If you’re going down the grommet or rod pocket route, you’re going to want to buy longer curtains than if you had gone with the pinch pleat curtain header. 

Consider the functionality:

When trying to decide on your ideal living room curtain length, you need to think beyond just the aesthetics of what you’re trying to achieve. See, it all depends on the functionality of the curtain you’re going to be working with. If you’re putting them up in a place where you’re rarely going to be opening or closing them, well, you should probably go with a grand style of living room curtains. 

They can be elaborate when it comes to their pattern and design and are long and flowy in length. However, if your living room curtains are someplace where you’re constantly going to be opening and closing them all day, well, you’re going to want to aim for a shorter length. These will just be a lot more functional than choosing to go for a grander theme.

Assess room height:

Another big factor that plays into deciding what type of living room curtain you’ll ultimately have to go with is your living room height. Let’s take rooms with high ceilings as an example. In this situation, you’d want to go with long, flowy curtains. These would help enhance your living room’s look and make the curtains even more visually appealing. 

Similarly, if you have a room with a lower ceiling, you’d want to opt for living room curtains that stop just short of touching the floor. This will help make your ceiling appear higher than it is, and at the end of it all, just make your living room’s vibe go up a notch. As long as you consider your room’s height, you’ll end up with perfect-looking living room curtains.

Explore layering options:

While curtain length is a crucial aspect of deciding how your curtains will end up looking at the end of it all, layering is another aspect of the same process. If you play your cards right, your living room curtains could just end up becoming the main attractions in your living room. There are two main ways you could style your curtains.

You could play around with the color palette of both the sheer and opaque layers of your curtains. Different colors could go a long way in creating a visually attractive masterpiece. Or you could experiment with their length, making your curtains look like something you’d find in a Louis Vuitton store!


There you have it folks. That was a practical guide to figuring out the perfect curtain length for your next pair of living room curtains. As long as you follow this guide to a tee, you should end up with something that looks both sleek and visually appealing enough to catch everybody’s eye as soon as they enter the room. 

We hope this guide helped you out and will help you to take your living room decor to the next level.

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Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor

Passionate interior designer who love sharing knowledge and memories.


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