7 Must-Have Curtain Styles for a Stunning Living Room Makeover

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If you’re looking for curtain ideas for your living room that will make you happy from head to toe, we’ve got you covered. Your choice of curtains will determine your living room ideas. Not only do they occupy a large surface area, but they also play a role in regulating the flow of important natural light in the room for trendy curtains for the living room. 

It can feel like a huge task, considering there are endless possibilities for fabrics and patterns, as well as headings and linings. For curtain dreamers who don’t know where to start, we asked experts to unravel their favorite living room curtain ideas and find some great living room examples that are perfect for the occasion for trendy curtains for the living room.

Trendy Curtains For Living Room

1. Blend Your Walls With Soft Neutrals

Trendy curtains for the living room are an investment, so choosing a neutral color palette will extend the longevity of your chosen design. For a stylish, calm, and confident look, choose walls and curtains of similar color. Curtains blend into the rest of the room, adding a gentle softness without being overwhelming.

2: Neutral Mix And Match

Neutral trendy curtains for living room are also suitable for small living room ideas, as they make the room look as light, bright, and spacious as possible.  To keep the room from becoming too cute, the duo combined crisp white tones with modern graphic prints.

3. Choose The Right Fabric

Careful selection of textiles is a top priority when designing a living room. Choosing the right material for your curtain style is a key factor in determining the final result. The right fabric is essential when choosing curtains. It’s important to know what style you’re looking for, as the fabric will determine the overall look, whether you choose solid colors or patterns, light or heavy fabrics. A beach-like atmosphere is evoked by candy-striped trendy curtains for the living room.

4: Lightweight Fabric

If you want a softer, more relaxed look, choose sheer, lightweight fabrics in cream or off-white tones. For those looking for “formal” traditional curtains or curtains for your living room, you should look for durable fabrics like velvet. 

5: Large Sizes With Patterns

If you’re blessed with a large living space, don’t be afraid to go big with the prints on your curtains. The scale of the pattern you choose affects everything from the room’s center of gravity to its sense of proportion. Large-format designs like Louis from Linwood’s Belleville collection transform any window into an eye-catcher. The floral pattern shown above is paired here with bright yellow walls, but bright colors. You can add even more accents to your room. This look is perfect for large windows where repeating patterns are maximized.

6: Adjust Headings To Match The Overall Style.

You need to think not only about the trendy curtains for living rooms themselves but also about how you will hang them. Choose from a wide variety of heading styles. Therefore, think about which one suits your space best. It mostly depends on personal taste and preference, but there are also options to consider. Modern eyelet or wave head moldings are ideal for modern living spaces. They can also be easily folded, making them ideal for small rooms with compact windows.

7: Incorporating Color Throughout The Room 

Due to their size, curtains play a big role in the color scheme of your living room. Curtains can act as an anchor to the overall concept and enhance the look and finish of a room. When choosing fabrics, pay attention to how the curtains look when you open and close them. Choosing fabrics that match the color of the walls will make the room feel brighter and more open. If you want to move away from the wall color but keep your curtains consistent with the rest of the room, pair them with pops of color that repeat throughout the room. They are commonly used and unify the overall concept, giving modern curtain ideas a stylish look.

8: Choose Balance 

If you think Balance belongs in the history books. Trends like cottagecore are making a big comeback in curtain styles made with stiff fabrics that cover the top of the curtain. Vermette is often thought of as old-fashioned and fussy, but in the right environment and with the right fabric, it can make your curtains perfect. Using the space above the window trim draws the eye upwards and adds more height to the room. If you’re using a display cabinet, make sure the window is very high and has lots of natural light. Please come in. I will darken the room.

9. Double Up With Sheer Layers

Draping has never been cooler. This means that using sheer curtains underneath the main curtain is back on trend for living rooms. Sheer curtains are back, but not just as standalone curtains. As interior designers, we are increasingly using layering techniques in our clients’ homes. Sheer fabrics work well under thick curtains and add texture and interest to a room. This type of We find that window treatments are most effective in cozy rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms.

10. Use Striped Curtains To Adjust Proportions.

Curtains can also be an optical illusion. Consider using stripes or blocks of color to add interest and change the sense of Balance in your living room. Lighter colors at the top and darker colors at the bottom will make the room appear taller, while darker colors at the top can help balance a room with more floor space. If your living room furniture ideas focus the visual attention on the bottom half of the room, try balancing it out with a colorful top half. In this living room,  white curtains with yellow tops bring sunny accents to the rest of the room above eye level.

11. Create A Cozy Corner With An Internal Curtain

Curtains aren’t just for windows. Curtains can be used to separate parts of a large living room, like a screen or window wall, or they can be used in place of a door to seal off an entire room from the outside world. This is very suitable for the broken living room idea where you want to have some privacy in the living area connected to the kitchen.  It’s also a great way to deal with drafts that occur in large homes during the winter.

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