Upcycling Magic: Cute DIY Room Decor Using Recycled Materials

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Recycled materials are the most attractive type of items that can be used very resourcefully. You can use recyclable materials in a lot of ways. You can make anything with them. Here we will give you a variety of upcycled room decor ideas.

Upcycled Room Decor Ideas

1: Bottle Caps:

Bottle caps may be small, but their DIY capabilities are huge. You can make small tea lights, trinkets, practical toothbrush holders, etc.

Or collect as many bottle caps as possible for larger-scale DIY projects like patterned tabletops, murals, and even floor mosaics. This is one of the easiest upcycled room decor ideas.

2: Wine Corks 

There are also many DIY options for glass bottles that come with corks instead of metal or plastic bottle caps. Cork is lightweight, easy to cut and process, tough, and retentive. Did you know that the stopper is additionally hypoallergenic because it prevents mild dust mites from building up? That just makes me want to drink more wine. That means reusing leftover wine corks. 

Wine corks can be easily grouped into patterns to form coasters, trivets, bath mats, and even wall art. On the other hand, you can also turn individual corks into cute mini air planters or sentimental Christmas decorations. After all, what better way to remember your special day than to keep a Muscle souvenir from a burst champagne bottle? This is a very unique upcycled room decor ideas.

3: Toilet Paper Roll 

Is there a simpler, richer, recyclable material than a toilet paper roll?

We are exposed to so much information every week and month.

So why not collect them and put them to great utilize? How to form a wreath out of toilet paper rolls Crafts with toilet paper rolls aren’t just for kids. You can create adorable bubble photos, intricate wreaths, frames, and cute napkin rings, just to name a few ideas.

4: Paper 

We’ve talked about upcycled room decor ideas that are common cardboard for egg cartons and toilet paper, but what about other types of paper? Paper is naturally made from trees, so it’s important to reuse and reuse paper. Recycling helps conserve valuable natural resources such as Wood, water, and energy. From ancient daily papers and magazines to disposed book pages, we all have an overflow of scrap paper in our homes that can be utilized to create something modern.

5: Paper Bags

Mache is two of my favourite techniques for using paper in DIY projects, but have you ever thought about making a floating lantern out of parchment paper? Make a themed wreath out of paper bags or DIY a paper floor?

6: Medicine Bottle

Have you ever wondered what to do with an empty medicine bottle?

We offer creative and eco-friendly ways to reuse and repurpose these small plastic containers for organization and storage or to create something fun and decorative.

7: Glass Jars 

Glass DIY projects, especially DIY mason jar crafts, have become very popular in recent years, especially for rustic interior design and functional storage solutions. The beauty of mason jars lies in their simplicity, affordability, and availability to crafters of all skill levels. Prevalent extended thoughts incorporate lights and lights, fowl and butterfly feeders, and free-standing decorations for your home. Customize your mason jars by painting, staining, etching, and more. Grab your mason jars and get creative with these great ideas.

8: Scrap Fabric

Textiles are one of the most important materials to recycle because of the environmental and social costs of production and disposal. Too many textiles end up in landfills, including discarded clothing and old bedding. So, to reduce your textile pollution footprint and fight the fast fashion industry, why not make something new out of these fabric scraps and other unwanted fabrics? Make a wreath from a bandana Method Whether you want to recycle old clothes, thrift store finds, or leftovers you have around the house, there are lots of great ways to reuse  “vintage” fabrics. From interwoven knitting to texture decoupage to cement sew, we’ve got you covered.

9: Reclaimed Wood 

Do you have Wood left over from broken furniture, domestic redesigns, or ancient DIY ventures? Making DIY home accessories using reclaimed Wood adds warmth, character, and sustainability to your living space.

A great way to add possibilities. We love the artistic projects decor nests creates, including wood and resin wall art, unique lamps, and rustic decor. Remember to properly clean, sand, and seal reclaimed Wood to ensure its longevity and eliminate potential hazards. Otherwise, get creative.

10: Old Picture Frames 

If you want to get rid of an old or outdated picture frame, don’t hesitate to throw it away or donate it to a thrift store. There are many ways to enhance these photo frames, create a fun gallery wall, or transform them into something completely different. We’re talking about lanterns with photo frames, garlands, coffee table tops, terrariums, decorative trays, jewellery organizers, and even wall and door mouldings. We promise you’ll never look at photo frames the same way again.

11: Old Records 

Not everyone has a bunch of old records gathering dust, but at least one person does, whether it’s their own collection they never listen to or the ones they inherited. Will know someone who has. Whether you want to preserve a record that’s special to you as a work of art or melt down and manipulate old records to form something new, there are plenty of crafting options. Round shapes, colourful labels, and grooved surfaces have a special aesthetic appeal. Perfect for unique and custom home decor.

12: Ancient Kitchen Utensils 

Upcycled room decor ideas with kitchen utensils are beyond any doubt to start a conversation and pique curiosity. Visitors and guests to your domestic will take note of these inventive pieces and be inquisitive about the story behind them. DIY Cutlery Wind Chime is the perfect way to exhibit your interesting fashion and maintainable hones while finding DIY ideas in your kitchen drawers and getting creative. Some of his favourite illustrations of DIY domestic stylistic layouts utilizing ancient kitchen utensils incorporate divider craftsmanship, windchimes, and drawer handles.


There are many known ways you can use recycled materials they will help you decorate your room in quite a unique way to decorate your room.

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Jane Taylor

Passionate interior designer who love sharing knowledge and memories.


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