Large Wall Decor For Living Room

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Tips For Creating Captivating Large Wall Decor In Your Living Room

Tired of staring at that expansive blank wall in your living room?  It’s time to unleash your creativity and turn it into the captivating centrepiece of your home! Large-scale wall decor has the power to elevate the ambiance of your living room, define your personal style, and make a lasting impression on guests. 

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of oversized artwork, the curated charm of a gallery wall, or the unique textures of tapestries and sculptures, there’s a perfect way to add depth, personality, and a touch of drama to your space.

Let’s explore classic and creative options and tips for maximizing the impact of your chosen pieces. Get ready to transform your largest wall from a simple backdrop to a stunning showstopper!

How to Decorate Your Wall?

Oversized Artwork: 

A large-scale canvas painting or a striking photograph serves as the ultimate statement piece in a classic living room. Opt for timeless landscapes, elegant portraits, or abstract pieces in muted, sophisticated tones.

Consider investing in original artwork from a local artist for a one-of-a-kind touch, or explore affordable prints from online marketplaces like Etsy and Society6, specifically searching for vintage-inspired or classical themes.

Gallery Wall: 

Create a curated gallery wall to showcase your personality and add visual intrigue to a large space. Gather a collection of framed prints, photographs, and smaller artworks that share a common theme, such as botanical illustrations, black-and-white travel photography, or classical sketches. 

Large Wall Decor For Living Room

Mix and match different frame sizes and finishes, such as aged gold, dark wood, or simple white frames, for a collected-over-time aesthetic that complements a classic design scheme.


A large tapestry adds warmth, texture, and a hint of global charm to a classic living room.  Look for intricate ethnic patterns, timeless florals, or tapestry reproductions of famous artwork for a traditional touch. 

Large Wall Decor For Living Room

Choose between a traditional mounting with a rod and supports, or opt for a more relaxed bohemian look by draping the tapestry over a simple tension rod.


A large mirror brings both style and function to a classic living room. Its reflective surface enhances the feeling of spaciousness and adds a touch of brightness. 

Choose a mirror with an ornate frame – perhaps a vintage find with a gilded finish,  or a sleek, minimalist mirror in a warm metallic tone to add a bit of understated elegance. Position your mirror strategically across from a window to maximize natural light reflection.

Sculptural Wall Pieces: 

Add a unique sense of dimension to your classic space with thoughtfully selected sculptural wall pieces. Look for abstract shapes in metal or wood with a natural, unpainted finish. 

Large Wall Decor For Living Room

Consider geometric forms for a touch of modern edge, or explore stylized botanical or animal silhouettes that add a timeless and sophisticated element to the room.

Oversized Maps: 

Introduce a sense of history and intrigue to your living room with an oversized map. Seek out antique-style maps that evoke a sense of adventure and a bygone era. Or, look for modern takes on cartography, like a vintage-inspired world map in a monochromatic palette or a city map with bold lines and contrasting typography. Consider framing options like classic wood or sleek metal.

Floating Shelves: 

 Floating shelves create an elegant display of art objects, books, plants, or a tasteful mix of carefully chosen decorative items. Opt for natural wood tones with a clean, minimal design for a classic feel, or consider metallic shelves in a warm finish for a touch of understated glamour.

 Arrange items thoughtfully on the shelves, playing with height and texture to establish a visually pleasing display.

Textile Art:

 Invite a sense of warmth and a unique handcrafted element with textile art. Look for antique pieces like framed vintage embroidery or tapestries, batik fabrics with intricate patterns, or repurpose a treasured rug for a one-of-a-kind wall hanging. Textiles add a layer of softness and texture that other decor elements can’t replicate.

Tips for Large Wall Decor in the Living Room

Transforming a large, blank wall in your living room can be intimidating, but the results will be stunning! Here are some key things to keep in mind:


Before you fall in love with a piece, take careful measurements of your wall. Consider the height and width of the available space. Ideally, your large decor piece (or a collection used together) should take up approximately two-thirds of the wall’s width. Leave adequate space on both sides and from the ceiling to avoid a cramped look.

Coordinate with Style:

 Your chosen wall decor should be a seamless extension of your living room’s overall style. If the space leans traditional, focus on classic artwork, vintage maps, or ornate mirrors. For a modern aesthetic, abstract pieces, metal sculptures, and bold photography would shine. Love a boho vibe? Tapestries and macrame hangings are your friends!

Large Wall Decor For Living Room


Don’t underestimate the power of lighting! Strategically placed spots, picture lights, or even uplighting can highlight your large wall decor, adding a touch of drama and making the piece a true focal point.

Final words 

From timeless artwork to elegant tapestries, the magic of large wall decor lies in its ability to transform your living room into a space filled with sophistication and enduring style. Each carefully chosen piece will elevate the room, adding both personality and a classic touch that will stand the test of time.

Whether you create a captivating gallery wall or showcase a single, stunning piece, approaching large wall decor intentionally is key for a classic living room.  Consider your existing decor, room size, and personal taste as you explore vintage markets, local artists, or online resources. With thoughtful choices, your wall will become a reflection of your unique style and a source of enduring beauty.

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Jane Taylor

Passionate interior designer who love sharing knowledge and memories.


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