How to Incorporate Western Charm into Your Home Decor: 5 Inspirational Ideas

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Have you been following the decorations transition from summer to early fall this year? If so, you’ve probably heard about how we fell in love with the American West on our past two summer road trips.

Especially this summer, we (not just me, actually!) were so excited about the Western styles we were seeing. We decided to be inspired and have fun. So, we integrated rustic interior design ideas and Western-style wall decorations into our existing early fall decor. To embrace this rustic trend, we knew we needed to find an affordable way to add the warmth of Western design style to our space with the help of incorporating Western charm into home decor. 

What Is The Western Decorative Style?

Western decoration is mainly the use of important elements of the American West. This certainly depends on the accuracy of your own experience with the American West. However, there are some basic elements found the most perfect way to incorporate western charm into home decor. Rustic elements such as furniture and natural materials are definitely popular in Western-style living spaces.  A colour palette of earth tones and dark browns is often seen. Rich textures also help define rustic Western designs.

You might feel like you can’t really embrace the rustic trend without stone walls, leather couches, and large windows with views of pine trees or “big sky,” but that’s not true at all. We had so much fun combining simple design ideas and rustic elements with our existing decor. If you’re ready to mix a little of your style and enjoy the rustic charm of interior design in recent years, keep reading to know how to incorporate western charm into home decor. We would like to introduce you to some wonderful items that we would like you to use. Plus, you’ll learn easy ways to add a Western flair to your living space.

5 Rustic Interior Design Ideas and Western Style Wall Decoration 

1. How To Do Western-Style Wall Decoration With Rustic Ideas 

  1. How can you decorate your interior walls?
  2. Do you panic when you see a large empty space on your wall?
  3. Or does it seem like an exciting blank canvas?

Indeed, you have experience with both for perfect Western home decor ideas. But after creating lots of gallery walls and wall hangings and trying lots of wall decor ideas for the walls of our large family room, we absolutely love this large open space. It’s the perfect decoration option to make a big statement with an eye-catching item. If you’re thinking about Western home decor ideas, there are lots of great options. However, here are some things to consider first:

  1. How much do you like Western themes?
  2. Are you inspired by the Western landscapes of the great American West?
  3. Want to use bright colours in your Southwest wall art or Native American art?

Do not confuse the two. At the same time, you can go full Western-style decor or use Western accents with a warm colour palette and rich textures to create a cozy space.

2. How To Create A Western Interior With Rustic Ideas Using Wooden Furniture: 

I always love using wood tones in my decor. Warm tones make any room look more inviting. Wooden furniture is incorporated into almost every type of interior design. My dining room has my favourite antique furniture. Adds warm colours and can be matched with a variety of styles. It’s one of the perfect pieces we were really lucky to find in our dining room. I found it by pure chance at an estate sale many years ago. Currently, it is the focal point of our dining room area. 

I really like the beautiful wood grain, vintage style, and simple design. If you want to incorporate rustic Western design, or at least a Western touch, into your dining room, our tables and chairs create the perfect wood accents and rich textures that your Western design style requires for perfect western home decor ideas.  We replaced the side table in our family room with this small vintage pine piece Adds the perfect warm colour to your fall decor and complements your Western design style. 

3. How To Use Natural Materials To Style Western Wall Decor With Rustic Ideas

For the open shelves in the dining room, we focused on combining natural materials and stoneware. We don’t have a large stone wall for this west wall decoration, but if we have these natural materials, we can incorporate western charm into home decor with stone materials into our decor. At the same time,  vintage pottery and pots have beautiful earth tones that fit perfectly into Western decorating ideas. Of course, since you already have this decoration, it’s also a cost-effective way to decorate.

For a Western theme, try using these natural materials to create a Western feel: 

  • Cowhide rugs 
  • Leather prints 
  • Pottery 
  • Mixed metals including iron 
  • Concrete 
  • Wood Accent
  • Fur Throw Blanket 
  • Fur Pillow 
  • Pottery 

4. How Do You Create Rustic Ideas Using The Western Colour Palette? 

What are the Western colours?  Western home decor ideas When it comes to colour palettes, there are many options for using different colour palettes. From the bright colours of Native American art to the earthy tones of more common Western colour schemes, one thing is always consistent. Warm colours are a must! If you want to use Southwest wall art or Native American art as a focal point, consider using these bright colours as accents rather than as your main colour palette. 

This makes Western-style interiors feel more authentic than those clustered together in one aisle at a big box store For larger pieces of furniture, consider light, neutral fabrics and wood furniture as accent tables. On the other hand, you can incorporate natural materials into your leather sofa by choosing a dark brown colour. 

5. How Do You Make Western Wall Decorations Using Animal Crafts? 

One of the best ways to truly embrace western home decor ideas is with animal artifacts. A major trend in interior design that has been around for many years is the use of cow skulls or mounted longhorn skulls. Large animal artifacts like this can make a big statement and create a central element that gives any room a Western feel. This year, I added a large cow skull to my living room painting wall. It’s all white, so it’s perfect for autumn’s earth tones. At the same time, it clearly reflects Western-style furniture and has a great presence in the room.  I added large elk antlers to the antique trench knife on the coffee table. Although a trencher is not technically a wooden piece of furniture, it is definitely large enough and heavy enough.

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Jane Taylor

Passionate interior designer who love sharing knowledge and memories.


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