How To Decor Your Gallery Wall?

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The Art of the Frame: Your Guide to Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall

Picture frames do more than just showcase photos or artwork – they can transform an empty wall into a visual masterpiece. If you’re tired of staring at a blank space, it’s time to gather those beautiful frames you’ve collected (or head to the nearest thrift store!) and create a gallery wall that reflects your style and personality!

What exactly is a gallery wall?

A gallery wall is a dynamic arrangement of framed pieces of varying sizes and styles, intentionally curated to bring interest and personality to a room. Unlike hanging a singular piece of art, a gallery wall offers endless possibilities for self-expression, allowing you to mix photographs, artworks, meaningful quotes, and even objects!

Planning Makes Perfect (Well, Almost!)

Here’s how to get started on that gallery wall you’ve been dreaming of:

  1. Gather Your Treasures:  Scour your home for existing frames you love.  Look for a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Don’t be afraid to visit flea markets or thrift stores for unique finds! Once you have an idea of the frames you’ll be working with, start brainstorming a theme or color scheme if you want a cohesive look.
  2. What’s Your Story?: Now, what do you want to display? Family photos? Travel mementos? Favorite band posters? Quirky postcards or art prints? This is the fun part!  Let your imagination run wild. Remember, your gallery wall is your chance to showcase the things you cherish.
  3. Location, Location, Location: Choose a wall that has good lighting and enough space for your vision. Entryways, living rooms, and spaces above sofas or beds are popular choices.
  4. Layout Time! Before you start hammering away, plan your layout on the floor. Trace around each frame onto craft paper, cut out the shapes, and start arranging them. Play with different configurations – grids for a clean look, asymmetrical arrangements for a bolder statement, or use shelves to add depth and mix in other decorative items.
How To Decor Your Gallery Wall? Decor Nest

Pro Tip: Use painter’s tape to attach the paper outlines to the wall and preview your gallery wall before making it permanent!

Styling Your Gallery Wall: Tips and Tricks

Now that you have a basic idea, let’s elevate your gallery wall game:

  • Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different frame styles and sizes. A mix of modern, vintage, and even ornate frames can add visual interest.
  • The Power of Color: Choose a unifying color scheme, like sticking to black and white frames for a classic look, or go bold with a rainbow of pops of color for a playful vibe.  If you have an eclectic mix, try repainting them all the same color for instant unity with a DIY touch.
  • Content is Key:  The beauty of a gallery wall is its versatility! Here are some ideas:
    • Family Photos: A mix of vintage and new photos adds a touch of history
    • Art Prints: Look for affordable prints online or support your local artists
    • Inspirational Quotes: Turn a beautiful quote into art
    • Textiles: Frame small tapestries or other fabrics with interesting textures
    • Travel Memories: Maps, postcards, even pressed flowers from a trip
  • Breathing Room:  Leave space between the frames to avoid a cluttered feeling.
  • Anchoring Piece: For larger gallery walls, start with a central, bigger frame, and build around it.

Extra Creative Touches

  • Add Depth: Layer smaller frames over larger ones, or incorporate mirrors for an extra dimension.
  • Light it Up:  Strategic lighting can make your gallery wall glow. Think small picture lights or directional track lighting.
  • Think Outside the Frame: Don’t limit yourself! Weave in decorative plates, dried leaves, a vintage clock – anything that catches your eye and adds a personalized touch.
How To Decor Your Gallery Wall? Decor Nest

Examples to Spark Your Imagination

  • The Eclectic Collector: An assortment of mismatched frames in various sizes, colors, and styles, filled with a mix of art prints, postcards, small objects…a true expression of your personality!
  • Minimalist Statement: A grid of identical frames showcasing black and white photography or simple line art for modern elegance.
  • Memories Preserved: A collection of family photos spanning generations, displayed in ornate gold or silver frames for antique elegance.
  • Ode to Nature: Dried flowers, leaves, or botanical prints displayed in simple wooden frames, creating a natural and calming aesthetic.
  • For the Kids: A brightly colored gallery wall with a mix of your children’t artwork, playful quotes, and silly photos.

Ready, Set, Hang!

Now for the part that sometimes feels daunting – actually hanging your gallery wall. But don’t worry, with a little preparation, it’ll be a breeze:

  • The Right Tools: Gather your hammer, nails, a level, and possibly some spackle and paint for touch-ups if you happen to change your mind.
  • Start with the Centerpiece: For asymmetrical arrangements, hang the largest or most central piece first and work outward from there. If you’re going for a grid layout, start in a corner or along a centerline.
  • Spacing Matters: It’s recommended to keep about 2-3 inches between frames for a balanced look. Using a measuring tape is your friend here!
  • Embrace Imperfection: Minor adjustments are expected. Don’t hesitate to step back often and eyeball the arrangement as a whole.
How To Decor Your Gallery Wall? Decor Nest

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about crooked frames, try using removable adhesive strips along with your nails for added stability and easier adjustments if needed!

Beyond the Basics

Let’s take your gallery wall game to the next level:

  • The Shelfie Wall: Incorporate a shelf (or two!) into your layout. This allows you to display framed artwork alongside smaller decorative items like plants, candles, or figurines, adding depth and dimension.
  • Go Vertical: If you have a narrow wall, embrace vertical gallery walls. Create a line of frames either centered or staggered up the wall, leading the eye upward and creating the illusion of added height.
  • Don’t Forget the Corners: A gallery wall wrapping around a corner can be an unexpected delight. It makes smaller spaces feel expansive and gives those often-ignored areas some love.

The Beauty of Evolution in Gallery Wall

The best thing about a gallery wall is that it can evolve with you. As you acquire new pieces, find a new favorite quote, or take photos worth framing, you can change it up!  Treat your gallery wall as a dynamic expression of your passions and let it grow and change over time.

How To Decor Your Gallery Wall? Decor Nest

Final Thoughts

A gallery wall is a fun and infinitely customizable way to add personality and style to your home.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different layouts and themes to find what best reflects you.  Embrace a little imperfection, have fun, and most importantly, let your creativity shine!

Let me know if there’s any particular element you’d like to discuss in more detail, or if you need help planning a gallery wall!

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About Me

Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor

Passionate interior designer who love sharing knowledge and memories.


Subscribe my Newsletter for new blog posts, tips & new photos. Let's stay updated!

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