How To ​Choose Blackout Curtains for Living Room?

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​Choosing the Perfect Blackout Curtains for Your Living Room

You’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your living room with some stylish new blackout curtains. Not only will they look great, but you’ll reap the benefits of improved temperature control, noise reduction, and of course, total darkness when you want it. Choosing the perfect blackout curtains for your space may seem daunting at first. 

But armed with the right knowledge about fabrics, colors, sizes, and functionality, you’ll be able to find the ideal blackout curtains to transform your living room into a stylish and functional oasis. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to pick out beautiful, high-quality blackout curtains that are perfect for your unique living room.


When choosing blackout curtains for your living room, size matters. Measure your windows carefully and buy curtains that are slightly wider and longer than the window dimensions. This ensures maximum coverage and light blocking. Don’t forget to account for any hardware like curtain rods in your measurements.

​Choosing the Perfect Blackout Curtains for Your Living Room - Decor Nest


Think about what level of light blocking and insulation you need. Blackout curtains range from partial to total blackout. Total blackout curtains have triple weave fabrics and linings to block out all outside light – perfect for day sleepers or home theaters. Partial blackout curtains still reduce a lot of light and work well for most living rooms. Also consider the curtain’s energy efficiency rating which can help lower heating and cooling bills.


Blackout curtains come in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns to match your living room decor. Heavy fabrics like velvet are luxurious but may lack breathability. Light-blocking fabrics like polyester are more budget-friendly and come in many colors. Or add visual interest with patterned or printed curtains. Consider lining solid color curtains to boost the blackout effect.

​Choosing the Perfect Blackout Curtains for Your Living Room - Decor Nest


Blackout curtain prices range from $20 to $500 or more per panel depending on the material and brand. Total blackout and energy-efficient curtains tend to cost more. But with some smart shopping, you can find high-quality, stylish blackout curtains that suit your needs and budget.

With the right size, level of functionality, aesthetics, and budget-friendly price, you’ll find perfect blackout curtains to cozy up your living room. Sweet dreams!

Types of Blackout Curtains for Living Rooms: Fabric, Color and Style Options

If you’re looking to block light in your living room, you’ve got options when it comes to blackout curtains. The fabric, color, and style you choose can have a big impact on the look and feel of your space.

Fabric Types

For maximum light blocking, heavy fabrics like canvas, velvet, or suede are your best bets. These thick, dense materials won’t let a single ray through. If you want something lighter, blackout-specific fabrics use special coatings to block light while maintaining a thinner profile. These offer a good balance of light control and breathability.

Color Options

Black and grey are classic choices if light control is your top priority. But blackout curtains also come in a variety of colors to match your decor. Rich tones like navy, hunter green or burgundy can make a dramatic statement in a living room. Lighter hues like ivory or tan will still block light while brightening up the space.

​Choosing the Perfect Blackout Curtains for Your Living Room - Decor Nest

Style and Design

You’ll find simple, minimal options as well as more decorative blackout curtains. Floor-length, rod pocket panels provide maximum coverage for a traditional look. Grommet-top curtains with metal rings offer a sleek, contemporary style. Patterned and printed blackout curtains can make a fun focal point in a living room. Valances, cornices and tie-backs allow you to customize for the perfect look.

With so many fabrics, colors and styles, it’s easy to find blackout curtains that balance light control with the aesthetic you want. Once you determine the functionality and look you’re going for, you can choose the perfect pair to block light in style.

Installing and Caring for Your New Blackout Curtains

Hanging Your Curtains

Once you’ve purchased the perfect blackout curtains for your living room, it’s time to get them installed. You’ll want to do this properly to ensure maximum light blocking and an attractive result. Start by measuring your windows to determine the appropriate curtain rod size and placement. For the best blackout effect, the curtains should overlap in the center when closed and also extend beyond the edges of the window frame.

When ready to install, hold the curtain rod up to the area above the window to determine the best height and span. Have someone else stand back to provide feedback on how it looks. Once you’ve found the ideal position, mark the wall and install the mounting hardware. After the rod is in place, slide your new curtains onto it and you now have an effective light-blocking solution for your living room.

Caring for Your Blackout Curtains

To keep your blackout curtains looking and functioning their best for years to come, follow a few basic care guidelines. Gently vacuum or dust the curtains regularly to remove surface dirt and debris. For deeper cleaning, check the label to determine if the curtains are machine washable. If so, wash them on a gentle cycle using cold or warm water and a mild detergent. Remove and air dry away from direct heat.

For non-washable curtains, you can spot clean any stains and then have the curtains dry cleaned periodically. When cleaning the windows behind the curtains, fully close or remove the curtains to avoid splattering them with cleaning solution.

​Choosing the Perfect Blackout Curtains for Your Living Room - Decor Nest

To prevent damage, avoid hanging heavy objects from the curtain rods or tugging aggressively on the curtains. Be sure to open and close the curtains gently using the sides or base panel rather than the center seam. With proper care and maintenance, your blackout curtains will continue to darken your living room for many years. By following these simple tips, you’ll be enjoying cozy movie nights and late mornings sleeping in for a long time to come!


So there you have it – the ins and outs of finding those perfect blackout curtains for your living room. Take the time to measure your windows, consider the look you’re going for, and don’t skimp on quality. Installing blackout curtains is an investment that will make your space more functional and beautiful. Go for the blackouts that fit your style and block the light you need blocked. Your living room will instantly feel more inviting and cozy when you control the light on your terms.

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