Affordable Home Decor Ideas

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Even if you only spend a few cents, there are still many things you can do to create a stylish and attractive home for you and your guests. The first step (this applies no matter where or how you live) is to clean and organize your home. These two things alone can greatly improve the quality of your space. The next fun part is thinking of new room decoration ideas. “Even if you’re pinching pennies, there’s still a lot you can do to make a stylish and cozy home for yourself and your guests.” With a budget, you’ve spent years on decorating  (and beyond!), we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to build a home on a budget.

Follow our budget friendly yet affordable home decor ideas¬†and get inspired by ideas that prove style doesn’t have to be cheap.

Budget Friendly yet Affordable Home Decor Ideas

The following are the budget friendly home decor ideas that will help you decorate your home in much affordable prices and you can give your house a new look.

Painting An Accent Wall 

Painting a wall yourself is one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home decor ideas, and painting just one of your walls is It’s an affordable (and really nice) upgrade.

Dress Up Your Outdated Sofa With A Protective Cover.

Instead of buying a whole new sofa, buy a simple slipcover to change the look of your room.

Get Rid Of Unsightly Things

Before thinking about what you can and cannot buy, think about what you should get rid of. Old, worn-out, or damaged items can ruin the appearance of your home. If they are not important, you can clean your home by removing them.

Add Trim To  Curtains 

Instead of buying new curtains, invest in the curtains you already have by adding iron-on trim to a simple curtain panel.Consider overhauling things like spigots and light installations to create your own artwork and display it framed and displayed individually or as part of a gallery wall. This is one of the best home decor ideas.

Plant Pots 

Artificial plants provide chic decor at an affordable price. Find affordable options and style them with beautiful stands or handcrafted pots.

Set A Sale Alert 

If you decide on an item that is out of your price range, try buying it when it’s on sale. With ShopStyle, you can set up sale alerts for products from literally hundreds of major brands Simply enter your search filter or term and click the pink “Add Sales Alert” button. You will then be notified via email when the product is released. Retailers like Overstock, Amazon, and Macy’s will also notify you when something goes on sale or goes from out of stock to back in stock.

Hide The Cables 

Cable Concealer is available on Amazon for just $15. Hiding unsightly cables and wires next to your TV and light fixtures is an easy way to keep your home clean and tidy. Breathe new life into an old ladder. That old wooden ladder in your garage could become your next favourite decorative item. Clean it with sandpaper, maybe paint it, then use it to store extra towels and blankets.

Go Second-Hand Shopping 

Buying used furniture and decor is a great way to save money on things that could otherwise cost a significant amount of money. You never know what hidden treasures you might find at a thrift store or flea market.

Customize Your Side Table 

With a little color and a little imagination, you can give your worn-out side table a whole new look For example, consider painting the edges of a simple black piece gold.

Turn your Plates into Wall Art 

If you’ve never used those ceramic plates from your wedding, or if you just love the look of H&M’s value sets, plates  make super chic wall decor Hang some in groups on a blank wall for quick updates

Create DIY Jute Decorations 

Use jute rope and a glue gun to transform vases and bowls into  rustic creations perfect for your coastal beach house

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Just like painting an accent wall, painting your kitchen cabinets will instantly add a fresh new feel to one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. Pick a color and grab your brush

Rearrange the Furniture 

This free decorating idea  requires just a little time, creativity, and  strong muscles. Choose a room and arrange the furniture in a new arrangement to give it a brand new feel.

Give your Bookshelf some Personality 

Wallpaper isn’t just for  walls. Use a small amount of wallpaper (you can find chic, removable wallpaper from brands like Chasing Paper) to decorate the inside of your bookshelf

Refreshing your Cushions 

If you already have a cushion, replacing the cover is an easy and inexpensive process. I love the selection of pillowcases from brands like ZARA, H&M, and IKEA.

Replacing Your Bathroom Mirror 

Nothing brightens up an outdated bathroom faster than hanging a new mirror over your vanity or sink You can find lots of affordable new options or look for  cool vintage pieces at low prices

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Jane Taylor

Passionate interior designer who love sharing knowledge and memories.


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