Budget-Friendly Curtain Ideas to Add Style to Your Living Room

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Curtains can get expensive quickly. Many curtains cost around $100 per panel. Add four to eight panels, and installation costs, and the window treatments alone can easily exceed $1,000. Curtains are a central part of a stylish room, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them. Smart home decor experts know that budget-friendly curtains offer the best value for money. Easily stay within your budget without sacrificing style. In this article, we’ll show you some budget-friendly curtain ideas for living rooms you can try right now, the best places to find budget-friendly curtain ideas for living rooms online, and even some DIY techniques to save you money.

Cheap Curtains That Won’t Break Your Budget 

Getting started with decorating is the hardest part. Here are some of our favorite budget-friendly curtain ideas for the living room to inspire you.

1: Sheer Curtains 

Sheer Curtains add simple elegance to any room. Sheer curtains are now available in a rainbow of colors, with prices starting at less than $10. Soften and refine your existing blinds or blinds by including a window scarf. All you would like is sufficient texture to wrap around the window frame; no sewing is required.

2: Cotton Panels 

Cotton Panels are easy to find and available in a variety of patterns,  prints, and textures. Hang them individually or stack them using double curtain rail brackets to add depth and dimension to your room. 

Where To Find Cheap Curtains Online 

Take the hassle out of searching for budget-friendly curtain ideas for living rooms online.


Surprise, surprise. With styles, colors, and fabric options to match almost any decor, it’s hard to imagine looking anywhere else.

Bed Bath & Beyond: 

Did someone say a coupon? It never hurts to check out this retailer’s offers and see how much you can save. Approximately 3,000  curtain and drapery options are available in our online store.


Target has expanded its home décor section in recent years with new lines, collaborations, and stylish collections at affordable prices. With a huge selection, helpful design guides, and free in-store pickup when you order online, we’re your convenient and affordable source for curtains.


The ultimate website for all things home, Wayfair doesn’t disappoint when it comes to curtain selection and pricing. You can also use the Light Filtering tab to filter your search results to find curtains that set the perfect tone for your room.

JC Penney: 

It may be more expensive than other options, but JCPenney regularly has big sales and offers coupons. Check back regularly to save big on quality curtains and drapes.

DIY Curtain Ideas 

If you don’t have a lot of money for new window treatments, consider something unique. There are many ways to make your curtains, and most of the ideas are inexpensive. You can use old bedding, rags, etc. How to make new curtains!

1. You Can Make Cute (And Pretty Cheap!) Curtains 

Using bed sheets. A simple bed sheet can cover your windows to protect you from the sun and cold. Simply hang a fitted sheet on a curtain rail to create a handmade window covering. If you want more complete curtains for your windows, you can find many curtain patterns online that can turn these curtains into regular-looking window coverings. You can also find lots of unique bedding that can be made into window hangings at thrift stores. Or buy used curtains and add finishing touches.

2. Make Cloth Curtains

Cheat Sheet also points out that fabric curtains are an easy (and cheap!) curtain trick. Drop cloths are inexpensive to buy and work well with rustic curtains. If you’re handy, you can add embroidered details to these curtains to give them a boho aesthetic.

3. Buy An Inexpensive Shower Curtain

What is another inexpensive window covering recommendation from The Cheat Sheet? Shower Curtains! Choose a fabric shower curtain to cover your windows. Shower curtains come in a variety of patterns and colors, making them a great option. You can also choose aquarium-themed curtains for your bedroom.

4. Purchase Unique Curtain Rods Or Make Your Own

If your curtains are still in good condition, but you want a new look, please upgrade the rods. Unique curtain rods can enhance the look of plain or inexpensive curtains. Check out your local thrift store to see if you can get new (and fancy) curtain rods. If you’re used to working with wood, you can even make your own and add unique carvings to the edges. Want to easily upgrade your rod? Get some spray paint and change the color!

5. Reuse And Recycle Old Curtains

If you want to throw away your old curtains, wait until they go to the trash. Recycle this bedding to avoid adding to the textile waste that is already contaminating landfills.

Learn how to reuse and recycle old curtains.

1. Let’s Make Curtain Pillows!

These older curtains may have outdated patterns or look faded after years of use. Cut it into small pieces and turn it into a stylish pillow. If your curtains are faded, you can refresh the color with fabric paint. Decorative pillows are easy to make yourself. Try these cushion tutorials for a quick project.

2. Use The Curtain As A Shower Curtain In The Bathroom

If you can use a shower curtain as a window curtain, you can also use an old curtain in the shower. However, you may need to use fabric paint to intensify the color or give old window treatments a new look.

3. Transform Old Curtains Into Tablecloths

Drape Style suggests turning old curtains into tablecloths, but the website notes that you may need to adjust the curtains to fit your table. If these old curtains are made of silk or heavy brocade, they will look elegant on a side table in a formal living area.

4. Create Formal Napkins

DIY & Crafts recommends turning old curtains into napkins. Formal curtain designs can make elegant napkins for dinner parties. However, if the inside of the curtain is coated  (to block sunlight), it is not suitable for this craft project.

5. Transform Old Curtains Into New Costumes

Do you like unusual or fun patterns? Transform your curtains into dresses, skirts, or new tops. Yes,  window coverings are portable. Find your favorite pattern and start sewing!

6. Make A Dog Bed

Your furry friends can also benefit from these old curtains. The Sewing Loft points out that you can turn old curtains into dog beds. This cute (but old!) curtain transforms into a colorful and unique dog bed that adds personality to the room. There are many ways to make DIY curtains that block out the sun and cold air. Use old bedding, sheets, and even shower curtains. If your old curtains are getting better, repurpose them to give your window treatments new life, such as pillows,  dog beds, shower curtains, and even clothing. Embracing the DIY lifestyle with curtain hacks to add personality and unique style to your space.

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