Add a Pop of Color: Creative Ideas for Vibrant Dining Room Wall Decor

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Looking for Vibrant dining room wall decor ideas to revive your space?  These blank walls are full of possibilities. With just a few additions, you can make your home feel like home. If you’re ready to transform a blank wall into a stylish focal point, keep reading. No matter your style, we have Vibrant dining room wall decor ideas that can beautify your walls and highlight your personality and taste. Whether you’re an art collector,  nature lover, or bookworm, you can customize your walls and surround yourself with what you love. 

Choose Large Art 

Oversized paintings and photos attract attention and add atmosphere to small spaces. Try black-and-white photography in a minimalist space, or add some color with vibrant abstract pieces, like Taylor’s photo above in Luke’s Manhattan bedroom. (Find eye-catching, affordable pieces with our guide  to buying art online.)

Create a Gallery Wall

Nothing adds personality and color like a gallery wall. Display your art and photography collection, or add wall hangings and other temporary items. Choose a simple, cohesive frame, or add variety with a wide range of artistic variations.

Incorporate an Accent Wall 

Don’t just put things on the wall. Think about the decoration of the wall itself. Try bright, bold colors to create an accent wall, or use wallpaper, stencils, or other decorative painting techniques to introduce patterns. (Consider changing your ceiling now.) These decorative accents can make an even bigger impact in a small space.

Fabric will be exhibited.

Tapestries and wall hangings can add touches of color, pattern, and softness to a neutral room. Consider framing vintage scarves and other cute textiles.

Hanging Mirror 

Mirrors reflect light and make little rooms show up bigger and brighter. Try hanging an oversized mirror or displaying a few smaller pieces for salon style.

Paint a Mural 

Paint a mural and let your walls transport you to another place. Whether hand-painted or choosing wallpaper, motifs have a big impact on Vibrant dining room wall decor ideas.

Installing The Shelves 

The unexpected design of the shelves is thanks to Starrett, who pulled out the system and gave it to the carpenter. When you run out of bookshelf space, display your collection on the wall. Install floating shelves to display hardcovers, small sculptures, and other knick-knacks for Vibrant dining room wall decor ideas.

Hanging Plate 

Why hide fine china in a cupboard when you can show it? Display your favorite dishes and platters using wire plate hangers. If you’re a collector of design objects, this might be for you. I’ve even seen pegboards hung as art on the walls of brownstones in Brooklyn.

Make A Statement With Sculptural Wall Sconces 

Wall sconces add light source without taking up floor or side table space. Choose an eye-catching design that doubles as a wall sculpture to add light and style.

More environmentally friendly 

Plants aren’t just for windowsills. Add some greenery to your space and nature to your walls by hanging or mounting planters on the wall. If you don’t like water very much, you can also choose high-quality artificial plants (no one will probably notice).

Harness Texture with Macrame Wall Art 

These 70s macrame wall hangings are back in a big way. Textiles add structure and warm, bare walls. Buy one on Etsy or make your own.

Or Try Beaded Wall Art

This wall hanging is made utilizing the Maasai beading convention. We love the moderate black-and-white plan. This stunning piece is handmade in Tanzania using glass beads from the Czech Republic.

Hang An Oversized Wall Calendar

Large calendars are especially suitable for office or kitchen walls. Stay on top of events while adding standout elements to liven up your space. Try bright, bold calendars with sans-serif fonts to create a modern look and add a pop of color.

Set The Tone With A Giant  Chalkboard Or Whiteboard

A large chalkboard is the perfect functional addition to an office, playroom, or even a kitchen. While chalkboards add a rustic feel to any room, whiteboards are a modern alternative. You don’t have to limit yourself to just white (it comes in a variety of shades and prints). You can take this to the next level and paint an entire wall with WriteWallPaint, creating a writable surface.

Track Your Travels With Personalized Maps.

Add large word cards to decorate your room. You can order a personalized map of your city, state, country, or world in almost any color palette. Customise by adding pins to places you’ve visited or want to go.

Mounting the TV 

Is there another way? Mount the TV. Wall mounting a flat-screen TV is a great way to free up space in your media cabinet, add value to your walls, and update the overall look of your living room or bedroom. Plus, TVs like the aptly named “The Frame” are designed to look like works of art when turned off. Samsung allows you to put your TV into ambient mode and display a selected image.

Add Shiplap Siding 

Shiplap siding gives a space a fresh coastal feel and fits in with any room. If you need to refresh the walls of your dining room, bedroom, entryway, or even your bathroom, consider adding wood planks that are typically used as exterior trim.

Mount Your Bike on the Wall 

Creating a stylish and elegant wall mounting system for your bike frees up more floor space and creates an eye-catching focal point that transforms a blank wall. This is one of his most fun and functional wall decoration ideas.

Try Removable Wall Art

Both Minted and Etsy have broad collections of sophisticated removable wall art for adults. Adhesive murals have a luxurious matte finish and are available in a variety of styles. Removable wall art is perfect if you rent and don’t want to damage your walls.

Achieve A Fantastic And Whimsical Look With Paper Lights 

Like wall lights, wall lights are a beautiful combination of form and function. These not only illuminate the space but also add an unexpected design element that gives the room an inviting, soft-focus feel.

Hang a Rug on the Wall 

We love a good rug, especially one with an abstract design. It looks great on the floor but also does double duty as a stunning wall decoration. The 2-by-3-foot pick is especially eye-catching when hung above the fireplace. Or you can make it even bigger to cover more space. The possibilities are endless and unexpected, and we’re here for it.

Taxidermy, But Vegan 

Make an animal head from a grass palm stalk. The unique designs are handmade in Morocco and come in the shape of an elephant, sheep or (pictured) a goat. The best? No animals are harmed in the creation of this eye-catching home decor piece.

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Jane Taylor

Passionate interior designer who love sharing knowledge and memories.


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